PiggyTravel is a hotel, flights, activities and transfers (together the “services”) search and offers users information about different types of accommodation (such as hotels, holiday homes, etc.), travel areas and services associated with travel.

  1. Scope of Service

1.1. These terms and conditions are subject to occasional changes and apply to all our servicesthat are directly or indirectly provided (i.e. via third parties) via the internet, on mobile devices, by email or by telephone.

1.2. By using our website, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy, including the use of cookies.

  1. Services and Contract

2.1. On the piggytravel website, you have the ability to compare third party services via the piggytravel system.

2.2. In addition, for all services, users have the possibility of booking the selected service through a direct connection to the hotel booking sites of the third parties. As a result, the booking will be made directly on the booking site and not on the piggytravel sites. In such cases, piggytravel is not the travel operator or the contractual party for the user, but only an affiliate providing the technical connection to the hotel booking site of a third party. By making a booking on the website of the third party, users agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of that booking site. These terms and conditions can be viewed on the website of the third party. Once a booking is made on the website of a third party, a contract is concluded between the booking site and the user, and therefore no contract is concluded between the user and piggytravel. Piggytravel is no contractual party to the booking and all and any claims of the user under the hotel reservation are to be asserted against the third party (the booking site) and not against piggytravel.


2.3 Piggytravel’s assistance in the recovery of compensation for irregular air transportation


These Terms and Conditions constitutes the legal obligations between the passenger who has experienced a flight disruption (the Client) and Piggytravel.


The Client accepts these Terms and Conditions when he/she uploads a case on the website www.piggytravel.com.cy


2.3.1 Piggytravel’s services Assessment of the feasibility of the Client’s entitlement to reimbursement. Calculation of the potential size of the claim. Submission of claim to the Airline. Pursuing the claim on behalf of the Client, where appropriate through the use of judicial channels. Negotiating settlements with the Airline. Recovery and payment of any compensation or damage amounts awarded to the Client. Keeping the Client informed on the developments in the case on a regular basis.


2.3.2 The Client’s obligations


The Client undertakes to do the following: Unsolicited and without undue delay providing Piggytravel with all relevant facts of the case both when filing the case and during the process. E.g. if the Airline chooses to pay the compensation directly to the Client. Respond to requests from Piggytravel truthfully and without undue delay. Refrain from contacting or entering into any direct dialogue with the Airline, and in case of being contacted by the Airline directly, to refer the Airline to Piggytravel. If relevant, to assist in seeking coverage of costs, as defined under section 5 below, through the Client’s Insurance or other channels.


2.3.3 Piggytravel’s rights


Piggytravel reserves the right at any time in the procedure: To obtain information about the case from outside sources as well as to disclose the Client’s contact and flight information to the Airline or any third party described in the Privacy Policy. undertake any legal actions that may contribute to the payment of compensation or damages. Without notice, to cease all further processing, e.g. if new information on the case in Piggytravel’s opinion changes the likelihood of bringing any successful claims, the law has changed, the Airline’s ability to pay is impaired or the case has fallen under the statute of limitations, etc. On behalf of the Client, to make any and all settlements, compositions and such to ensure the Client’s claim in case of the Airlines default, impending default, suspension of payments or confirmed financial problems. The amounts agreed upon in such settlements and agreements replace the Client’s original claim according to the Regulation 261/2004. Piggytravel will adjust any and all claims according to section 5 to reflect the actual amount paid out by the Airline according to the settlement or agreement. Piggytravel, its associated companies, and collaborators have the right to contact the Client by telephone, letter, or electronic media for the purpose of marketing products and services as well as providing information on offers, newsletters, events, and contests. At any time, the Client can decline to be contacted by sending an e-mail to: info@piggytravel.com.cy


2.3.4 The Client’s rights


The Client should generally leave it to Piggytravel to recover the claim from the Airline. However, the Client always has the following options: The right to, at any time, terminate the cooperation with Piggytravel by written notice, and by paying the costs pursuant to paragraph The right to be presented with any proposed settlement before they are accepted. The Client can choose a different solution than recommended by Piggytravel, by paying the costs of the case to Piggytravel. In case, the Client on his/her own reach a settlement with the Airline without Piggytravel’s involvement or knowledge about, the Client will be obliged to pay the costs of the case pursuant to paragraph, together with those costs there may have been due to court proceedings, to Piggytravel cf. paragraph and


2.3.5 Costs Case costs payable to Piggytravel amounts to 25% plus VAT of the Client’s total amount of compensation. Costs are not calculated of the Client’s refund of tickets, hotel accommodation, or other expenses related to the flight disruption. Costs and interest are not calculated in the event that Piggytravel decides to stop pursuing the Client’s case. In the course of collecting compensation or damages, additional costs may arise, for example legal fees, court fees, etc.. Such charges are laid out by Piggytravel and are reimbursed by the other party if the case is won. If the case is lost, Piggytravel will cover the costs. Case costs are deducted from the amount of compensation or damages collected and not charged to the Client before compensation has been paid out. Costs of any bank transfers or transaction fees are borne by the Client. In certain cases, Piggytravel is entitled to invoice the costs directly to the Client. It can happen in the following cases:

  • If compensation is paid out directly to the Client by the Airline.
  • If the Client wishes to terminate the agreement with Piggytravel, before the case has been closed, Piggytravel is entitled to invoice case costs as calculated in accordance with paragraph
  • If the Client wishes to enter into or refuse a settlement offer which is not according to Piggytravel’s recommendation, Piggytravel is entitled to invoice case costs as calculated in accordance with paragraph
  • If the Client has deliberately withheld information about the case or has deliberately given false information to Piggytravel, or if the Client after Piggytravel ‘s written request continuously fails to meet the obligations as stated in section 2, Piggytravel is entitled to terminate the agreement with the Client with immediate notice and invoice costs in accordance with paragraph In case of special circumstances as described in section Piggytravel have the right to charge the Client in the amount of 25% of the expected compensation amount as well as documented costs such as legal fees and the costs of legal assistance based on government rates, plus VAT.

2.4. This agreement is not affected by any other agreements between the hotel, flight provider/operator, transfer provider/operator and activities provider, and users.

  1. Privacy, Email Advertisements

3.1. The protection of personal data provided by the user is of the highest priority for piggytravel. As such, piggytravel makes every effort to ensure compliance with data protection. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

3.2. piggytravel collects, processes and uses your personal data (hereafter “data”) only if we have obtained your consent or a statutory provision allows for the collection, processing or use of your data.

3.3. piggytravel will only raise, process and use data necessary for the provision of the services rendered by piggytravel, for the use and operation of the websites / apps and the services offered.

3.4. If the user has agreed to receive information about piggytravel by signing up to our newsletter, the user will receive periodic product information. The consent may be revoked at any time by written communication or by email. The consent to receive emails follows after the confirmation email from piggytravel is sent. By clicking on the link in the email, you will be registered to receive newsletters.

  1. Termination

4.1. piggytravel reserves the right to terminate a user’s access and to delete their registration within a period of one week after receipt of relevant information via email about improper use of the website. The user may also terminate their own access and registration within the same period. The right to immediate termination for good cause remains unaffected.

  1. Liability

5.1. piggytravel is not liable for the accuracy, quality, completeness, reliability or credibility of content provided by users and/or booking sites. In particular, there is no advice or information from piggytravel regarding the selection of accommodations.

5.2. All agreements that arise through this service are between the piggytravel user and the respective external contracting booking site. In particular, piggytravel does not act as organiser or travel agency at any time. The terms and conditions of the respective organiser or travel agency apply exclusively, especially regarding the right to cancel and to withdraw. The contact for the processing of bookings and payments, as well as questions about the contract, is the respective contracting booking site. piggytravel remains uninvolved in such contractual arrangements, agreements and claims between the piggytravel user and the respective external contracting booking site.

5.3. piggytravel does not verify the accuracy of content uploaded by booking sites. This content is provided by booking sites for publication on our website with reference to the respective services. Piggytravel has no influence on this information (in particular images, comments, reviews, etc.). The publication of user-generated content and reports on piggytravel does not reflect the opinion of piggytravel, in particular, piggytravel does not claim this content as its own.

5.4. In particular, hyper links, advertising banners, information about accommodations, travel destinations or providers and the like are provided by booking sites and do not represent recommendations or information from piggytravel. For technical reasons, no updating of the prices we receive from booking sites are done in real time. Therefore it is possible that the price that appears on the booking site does not correspond to the price specified on the piggytravel sites. Piggytravel does not guarantee the accuracy of information, in particular prices and availability.

5.5. Piggytravel is not liable for technical malfunctions for which the cause is not within piggytravel’s sphere of responsibility or for damages caused by force majeure. piggytravel does not guarantee uninterrupted availability of data and may perform technical maintenance during a freely chosen time period.


5.6 In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any of your bookings, or in connection with, the use of this website.

  1. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

The current terms and conditions when using piggytravel apply. Registered users receive notifications about changes by email. Users may download and print the current terms and conditions on their own computer system.

  1. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

The laws of the Republic of Cyprus apply. For business persons or individuals that do not have general jurisdiction in Cyprus, Larnaca applies as the place of jurisdiction. Otherwise the legal jurisdiction applies.